Pab MP1


A multi-purpose helmet that offers excellent protection and comfort. Designed for wildland firefighting and technical rescue, it is ideal for activities carried out by emergency service teams.

Compact and resistant.

-20 °C

Excellent protection properties at low temperatures


High resistance to mechanical impacts

Colour variety

Coated with high-quality, fire-retardant, and UV-resistant paint, the helmet is available in a variety of colours. Also available in any other RAL scale colour (with MOQ).

WhiteYellowRedBlueHV YellowLumino

Perfect in every detail

With a wide range of accessories, the helmet adapts to your needs and provides the highest level of protection even in the most demanding conditions. Advanced design and the highest quality materials ensures a high level of safety and exceptional comfort.

Powerful led torch

ATEX-certified torches for optimal lighting of the surrounding environment. Different types of LED torches are available.

Torch holders

Universal adapter for left- or right-side attachment for perfectly positioned lighting in every situation. Available for different torch models.

Photoluminescent colour

For better visibility and orientation in the dark. The luminous particles shine for hours.

Neck protection

We offer various types of neck protection – leather, aluminized flame retardant fabric, meta aramid fabric or flame-retardant cotton – all with a quick and secure attachment system.

Face protection

Integrated face shield for the best protection and visibility in the most extreme conditions. Available in different variations; clear or metal-coated (for better protection against radiant heat).

Eye protection

Integrated flip-down eye protector for eye safety.

Communication system

Easy-to-install communication set (microphone, speaker, push-to-talk accessory) with excellent audio performance.


Double-lens technology with anti-scratch and anti-fog treatment to protect your eyes from smoke and dust. Ideal for forest firefighting.

Chin protector

Light and comfortable, provides extra protection for the chin.


Electrical insulation capacity: E3

Excellent impact-resistance properties

Resistant to flames and radiant heat

Resistant to hot solids

Resistant to contact with liquid chemicals

Effective visibility achieved with reflective tape for optimal use in low light conditions


Integrated size adjustment system from 52 to 64 cm

Soft, light, washable and replaceable internal lining

Wide range of accessories and high level of personalization


850g ± 30g

without accessories



flame-retardant thermoplastic

Eye protector and/or visor

impact-resistant and flame-retardant polycarbonate with anti-fog and anti-scratch coating.

Neck protectors

leather, aluminized flame retardant fabric, meta aramid fabric or flame-retardant cotton

Straps and linings

flame-retardant materials that do not cause skin irritation


EN 16471:2014

EN 16473:2014

EN 166:2001

EN 14458:2004